reglamentoTournaments will be played according FIFA’s rules except for the details stated in this document.

There will be groups of 4 teams which will play in a league to a single round.
First and Second team of each group will play in the championship and Third and Fourth teams will play the phase of consolation.
Matches punctuation: wined match 3 points – tied match 1 point – lost match 0 point.
In the case that in the end of the championship there are equal points then the punctuation will be established as follows:

Goal average
Team with more goals
Team less goaled

In the case of tied matches, according FIFA’s rules there will be a round of penalties.

The duration of the matches will be 2 parts of 25 minutes and 15 Football 11, 20 minuti per parte per Categoria Alevin e 15 minuti per parte per categoria Benjamin, with a break of five minutes both
The teams will be ready 10 minutes before kickoff
If he fails the result is 3-0
If a team is expelled from the competition will not be valid you have played games

All the t-shirts will be provided by numbers which have to coincide with those of the Record of the Match. If there are any coincidences between different team uniforms the valid uniform will be that of the team named first.

15 players for Football 7 and 18 players for Football 11 are entered in every match. Before every match delegates must fill in the Record of the Match and present it to the Camp Delegate along with files, identity card or passport. Original documents are imperative.

Players expulsed directly with red card for serious foul will get a sanction made by the competition committee. For repeated offences players will be suspended for the rest of the tournament.
Expulsions due to double yellow card or red card no serious won’t be sanctioned. Teams showing violent attitudes during competitions or committing illegal actions against players’ documentation may be expulsed from the tournament.

The following cases are considered improper alignments:
- To align a player which is not included in the lists presented by the club and revised by the organisation.
- To align a player of the same category in 2 matches with different team during the same day.
- If some teams make some irregularities the competition committee will cancel the match giving the result of 3 – 0.
- Players of an inferior category may be aligned in superior categories during the same day.
- Players of superior category never will be aligned in inferior categories.

All matches will be managed by referees from the Catalonian Colleague of Referees.

BARCELONA PREMIER CUP doesn’t make responsible about any lesions, illness or robberies. In case of special needs the organisation may make the necessary changes for the better running of the tournament.

In soccer Football 7 and 11 each team can interrupt the game 3 times during the match at halftime and take advantage of their opponents’ interruptions. There’s no limit on players to make the change.


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